DORSERV is a library of classes developed in Java Servlets allowing a rapid implementation of Web servers connected to a database.

DORSERV allows to create on-line database connected applications (via Internet/Intranet network), and reducing the development costs. Connectable databases are MySQL, MS Access, PostgreSQL, Oracle or others DBMS using ODBC protocol. Let's use the advantages of the Intranet technologies to distribute your application, reducing the maintenance costs (distribution, maintenance, etc.). An example of a ported MS Access DOREA application is described on this site.
Evolutive and powerfull
DORSERV allows to port, by an optimised way, applications towards the Intranet technologies. DORSERV is running on all kind of operating systems (Windows, Linux or Unix). DORSERV allows to develop architectures called "3 thirds" (client, server, database).
Each "third" can be replaced minimising the development costs :
- the client side might be runnable on Netscape or MS Internet Explorer,
- DORSERV (server side) can be installed on all Web server allowing Java Servlets execution (Servlets engine),
- the database can be replaced when it would be necessary minimising the cost of porting, thanks to the ODBC standard, where the drivers are now available at no charge on each famous (well-known) database (Oracle, MS Access, Informix, MS SQL Server, etc.).
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