The industry of space and aeronautics, due to the significant number of critical projects, require a software quality ensuring a great reliability for its products.

Extremely of these experiences gained at the time of these developments, DOREA particularly underlines the need for a constant software quality in its projects, guaranteeing from the beginning, the satisfaction of the customer and thus the perenniality of the company.

The quality applied to our projects is compliant with the requirements of the ECSS-40-A (ex PSS-005), applicable to the ESA projects. It could however be adapted according to the criticality of the products defined together, with the customer.


DOREA engages, after the study of the statement of work, to carry out for free the estimate and the evaluation of work load. DOREA will be able to establish, on request, a technical, commercial and financial proposal in conformity with the requirements of the customer.

Due to the international context of the company, and due to our experience of the software developments, our projects are currently primarily carried out with the firm fixed price in our buildings.
- the engagement. DOREA engages with the respect of the milestones allowed at the kick off meeting, to fill into the estimated costs, according to the statement of work and the application of the defined quality processes. DOREA engages into a regular follow-up on the progress of its work.

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