- The Maintenance of products implemented under contracts. It relates to the evolutions and corrections of the non-conformances of the applications under contract.
- Third Applicative Maintenance. Thanks to the expertise of many technologies already used, to test our great capacity of re-engineering, control of the codes carried out by thirds companies.


The experience of the collaborators in various technologies and platforms for more than 10 years will ensure the success of the porting of your applications towards new technologies or over the new operating systems.

Following a short outline of the technologies already used in our projects:
- Graphical user interface (GUI). Graphic environments expertise such as Java AWT, Swing, Visual C++ (MFC, Active X), Borland Delphi (VCL) or Motif/X11.
- Scientific computing. Thanks to the knowledge of languages such as Fortran or ADA
- Real time computing. Primarily in C language and processing, analysis of real time data.
- Object oriented. Expertise in languages such as Java or C++, and design workshops for object oriented computing (UML).
- Database management. Especially with MySQL, Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server DBMS.
- Intranet Technologies. For client/server applications, expertise in J2EE technologies Java Servlet, Jakarta Tomcat under Apache server.

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