Aid to User Needs Collection
According to the defined DOREA expertise and thanks to double competence customer area and computing, our consulting offer consists of the assistance for the statement of work and user needs.
Thorough understanding of customer experts which allows the transcription of requirements into software specifications for design ensuring an optimised product conformity to users's needs.

Architectural Design Consulting
Trough the multitude of techniques available for "High-Tech" project implementation, it is difficult to make the proper decision. According to the expertise of these techniques, which extends from standardised platforms and environments to the new technologies, DOREA proposes the study and software architectural design aid the most adapted to the statement of work and to software requirements.
In-site Consulting

To guarantee the success of such approach, starting with the user's help collecting its needs, or the Architectural Design Consulting, a privileged contact between the customer expert and the consultant in charge of the implementation is needed.

For an optimal well understanding, DOREA proposes its services as in-site consulting allowing a permanent contact between the expert and the DOREA consultant.

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